Name Description Created User Stars
my-prompt interesting facts about a date 5/19/2023 @jamie Star Solid 0
interesting-facts-about-a-date Interesting facts about a date 5/19/2023 @jamie Star Solid 1
describe-as-pomologist Describes fruit 4/5/2023 @iamdimitar Star Solid 1
explain-5thgrade 5th grade explanation 3/24/2023 @krobino Star Solid 1
simplify Explain a concept in simple terms 3/17/2023 @ross Star Solid 0
your-prompt-name Describe your prompt here 3/15/2023 @ross Star Solid 1
summarize Summarizes text 3/15/2023 @ross Star Solid 2
translate-to-japanese Translates text to Japanese. 3/10/2023 @ross Star Solid 2
json-guitar-chord A prompt that generates a guitar chord in json format 3/8/2023 @ross Star Solid 1
add-two Adds two numbers together 3/6/2023 @robino Star Solid 0